Focus on corporate social responsibility

Sustainably produced and Oeko-Tex certified

Environmentally friendly and sustainable transfers through reliable processes. Polymark stands for quality and service for more than 70 years. This position also brings us social responsibility. That’s why Polymark commits to certified standards such as ISO and sets ourselves sustainable goals in our materials and processes. We offer quality and aim to reduce our footprint on the planet seriously.

Ecological Solvent-Free Production

We use only water-based inks and adhesives to produce our transfers. In our production process, we have virtually eliminated the use of solvents and minimized our amount of wastewater. All wastewater is cleaned using a filtration system.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

All our transfers are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Global Organic Textile Standard

Both our production processes and our supply chain are certified according to the ecological and social criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard.


We do not generate CO2 emissions in our production process. In addition to producing from our own renewable energy source (solar panels), we are committed to purchasing our remaining power needs in the form of electricity from renewable sources.

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