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Qualitative | Stretchable | Sustainable

Partner for innovative and sustainable transfers for sportswear and promotional products

Are you looking for high-quality sustainable heat transfers with above-average stretch? Transfers that retain their strong quality even with intensive use and regular washing at temperatures up to 60 degrees? Polymark offers you the best in heat transfers for sportswear, swimwear, leisurewear and promotional products. Now and in the future. Our transfers are sustainably produced and Oeko-tex certified. In terms of technology, we always strive to come up with the latest and best sustainable solutions. And of course it should. This way, your company- brand or club name always remains perfectly visible under all circumstances.

Transfers for sportswear, casual wear and promotional products

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Artwork creation

Our experienced Polymark team of graphic designers will create your artwork within 24 hours. Customers submit their artwork request and specifications to our customer portal through a handy wizard.

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Application service

Polymark is happy to help you apply transfers to your garment and textiles. Customers can send in their garment or textiles, and Polymark will take care of the application, as well as shipping the fabrics back to you or your customers.

Need more information? Our customer service will be happy to help.