Our Services

Computer monitor with logo on screen, graphics tablet with stylus, mug, palette and other stuff on desk
Artwork Creation

You can submit your artwork requests using our web-based wizard which will guide you through the process to ensure you get the right product for your requirements

Our team of graphic designers will create artworks for you within 24 hours

Close up of male designer choosing color palette while planning creative project at workplace in studio, copy space
Colour Matching

We will create new colour recipes for you for both digital and screen inks to meet your specific colour matching requirements.

Application Service

Send us your garments and we will carefully unpack, apply your transfers or emblems and repack them ready for shipment to you or your customer.

Artwork Approval

Artwork approval forms can be printed with your logo for submission directly to your customers.  Once approved the artworks are immediately available to be ordered using our online webshop.

Application and Wash Testing

Send us a sample garment or fabric and we will carry out tests to ensure you will have no problems when applying our products.

All applied samples are fully wash tested in accordance with ISO standard 15797:2017

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